Graduate School in Civil Engineering

Didactic Regulations

(Approved by Teaching Staff, the 27 October 2005)

Art. 1
PhD students have to reach at least 30 CFU , during the three years of Graduate School.

Art. 2
The credits attributed to the formative activities are deliberate by the Teaching Staff.

Art. 3
The passive formative activities (course, seminaries, etc) with certification of the organizing teacher, comprising the hours of activities, give 5 CFU

Art. 4
The formative active activities, like scientific seminaries carried out in the Department, are subject to authorization of the Teaching Staff.

Art. 5
The presentations of jobs to national or international conventions appear in the final relation of the single one PhD student.

Art. 6
The plan of the formative activities is draw up in advance at the beginning of every academic year from the Teaching Staff.

This regulations are valid from the XXI cycle of Graduate School¨

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